Yoga Direct

Your business, your people.
If you take care of your employees,
They will look after your clients.

Your business, your people.
If you take care of your employees,
They will look after your clients.

Your business, your people.
If you take care of your employees,
They will look after your clients.

This is the idea behind the Yoga Direct® programme which aims at improving the financial results of an organisation by taking care of its employees' health and well-being.

People and a comprehensive approach to their needs is very important at our company. Therefore, we implement solutions which support our employees in living a quality, healthy, and active life.


lower costs of absence

reduced labour turnover

enhanced productivity and involvement of the employees

increased energy boost immediately after class

stronger team integration

supporting employee concentration

What is Yoga Direct?

In Yoga Direct®, we know that the main value of each business is the people. Taking care of their health and well-being guarantees better financial results in many different areas of your business.

Yoga Direct® is a system of working with a human body, based on the physical exercises of hatha yoga and relaxation techniques.

Yoga Direct® aims at boosting financial results of an organisation by taking care of its employees' health and well-being.

We use such methods of working with a human body and mind which are repetitive, measurable, and experimentally verified.

Our programme is based on the modern scientific achievements in the fields of anatomy, biomechanics, philosophy, physiology, physical culture, and psychology.

Yoga Direct® is also a tool used to facilitate the company operations at a strategic level. A number of individual health-oriented initiatives might be a good start, but they should be followed by a long-term plan, as only that can ensure effectiveness.

Yoga Direct® is an investment in the development of the organisational culture related to a health-oriented policy which affects the financial condition of a company. And finally, it means benefits in kind for your employees and motivates them.

How do we do that?

We give classes of Yoga Direct® in our client's company office. Yoga Direct® is the only available form of physical activity which allows taking care of the employees' health and well-being in a comprehensive way.

Yoga exercises developed by our instructors aim at dealing with typical health problems related to office and mental work. They were chosen in a way to fit the physical abilities of the employees as well as adjusted to the available space in the office.

Employees are ready to go back to work right after the end of the class.

Our offer

We offer three different models of Yoga Direct®:

1. Yoga Direct®for employees (recommended groups of 10 people)
2. Yoga Direct® individually for the management
3. Yoga Direct® during company's events

Yoga Direct® Programme

Module 1

30 minutes of relaxation activities with elements of hatha yoga once or twice a week in the client's company office or a different schedule if requested.

Module 2

Integration trips - YOGA&GOLF

Modules can be combined. You can also decide on only one module.

Module 3

Individual sessions

Benefits of implementing
Yoga Direct®

Benefits of implementing Yoga Direct® can be measured by observing lower absence as a result of a reduced number of sick leaves, reduced labour turnover and recruitment costs, and at the same time, increased loyalty and productivity of employees. However, it also improves the company image - increased morale, better working conditions, and a positive direction of development of the company.

With Yoga Direct® we will help you to take care of your employees' health, well-being and increase their loyalty. See yourself that the Yoga Direct® programme really works. Regular exercises with Yoga Direct® will boost your employee's energy, make them more open, ready to work and have a positive attitude. They will not need to worry about a job burnout.


In the 1950s, American scientists already proved that regular physical activity is very beneficial for our health and well-being – it has a positive effect on our body, mind, and emotions. According to the surveys, in the future, 43% of employees will consider working solely at such companies where employees' health and well-being are considered a priority. *

* Study "Workplace health – diagnosis and expected changes" commissioned by Bupa (LuxMed was acquired by it), carried out in Poland, Great Britain, Spain, and Australia.

Agency for Safety and Health at Work estimates that each year the costs of actions taken in the European Union as a result of the work-related stress amount to 20 billion Euro. This is why is preventing health problems resulting from the lack of physical activity among the employees is by far better than bearing the costs related to the medical care and sick leaves.

According to the research carried out by Sodexo, 85% of the employees claim that the employer is responsible for their health and well-being.

Additionally, we witness the generation Y growing up, the generation which expects from their employers a friendly, family atmosphere at work and providing them with a possibility to pursue their passions.

A few facts

If you are still not convinced if implementing Yoga Direct® in your company is necessary, let us present you a few facts:

Two-thirds of Polish employees feel overworked and overburdened with duties ( website),

52% suffer from the chronic fatigue syndrome (GUS - Statistics Poland)

Despite growing awareness, 60% of Poles do not live a healthy lifestyle. The reason for it is usually lack of time and too many responsibilities.

25-40% of Poles suffer from various sleep disorders.

Nearly 60% of Poles find rational eating to be very important for our health, while only 21% of people try to keep a healthy diet.

As little as 30% of Poles take part in physical activity regularly (at least three times a week, a survey by Eurobarometer).

And finally, we are the second least physically active country in the European Union (report by British Heart Foundation).

As we can see above, the statistics related to the psychophysical condition of Poles are not satisfactory and that translates to their level of energy and involvement at work.

Izabela Gorączko

Head of Yoga Direct®, yoga instructor, an editor of, the biggest portal about yoga in Poland, and a blogger at Make Yoga Easier. She runs courses for the future yoga instructors at Wyższa Szkoła Edukacji w Sporcie in Wrocław. An organiser and a participant of various workshops and seminars related to yoga and meditation, passionate about spiritual growth.

During my classes, precision and safety are the most important issues. Yoga is the only exercise system which has a positive effect on your figure, spine, internal organs, and mind at the same time. Due to the necessity to focus on the smallest details while doing yoga poses - such as a body position, observing your breath, focusing your eyes - the participants develop their body awareness. They learn to read the subtle signals coming from their body, they feel light and confident. They gain better than average agility and flexibility.

In my job, I combine different styles of yoga in order to obtain the best results. My favourite form of practice, however, is so-called academic yoga which is a system based on physical exercises of hatha yoga and relaxation techniques. It combines such methods of working with a human body and mind that are repetitive, measurable and experimentally verified by the researchers from Polish universities.

Thanks to using numerous tools such as belts, blocks, and blankets, more complicated poses can be done by all participants. A cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of my classes lets all the participants (both beginners and advanced) feel comfortable and at ease.

Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out.

– Robert Collier

Direction is so much more important than speed. Too many people are going nowhere fast.

– Steve Maraboli


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